There are many people who want a change in the world and don’t just sit down waiting for others to make it happen. And if we are talking about the future of ecology, Galapagos is the right place to start.

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With Galapagos Center Expeditions you will be part of the miracle of nature, which invites tourists to have the best of times each day of the year. Choose your favorite month and be part of these wonderful experiences.

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Men and women from everywhere speak not only with words: they also speak through gestures, signs, symbols, music, dance, and any other artistic expression that can show their feelings and how they see the things around them. In the Amazonian cultures, symbols are a fundamental expression to trans...

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Amazon Rainforests are the most species-rich biome, and rainforests in the Americas are consistently more species-rich than the rainforests in Africa and Asia. As the largest tract of Amazon rainforest in the Americas, the Amazonian rainforests have unparalleled biodiversity. One in ten known spe...

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Every living being, whether from the smallest insect to the largest whale, is important and fulfills an essential function for the functioning of the entire environment in which we live.
Please, think and help us preserve the world we live in.

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hace 2 meses
(Traducido por Google) Gracias chicos, Grandes momentos en ecuador Centro de Galápagos, lo mejor. (Texto original) Thank you guys, Great moments in Ecuador Galapagos Center, the best.
- Andrew S
hace 6 meses
(Traducido por Google) Buen tour operador ... Dakujem !. Grandes experiencias (Texto original) Good Tour operator... Dakujem!. Great Experiences
- Tomy B
hace 7 meses
(Traducido por Google) Las mejores opciones de viaje y servicio :) Conoces comunidades increíbles, flora y fauna (Texto original) The best travel and service options :) You know amazing communities, flora & fauna
- Elizabeth c


We are an innovative Ecuadorian Tour Operator, our alternative tour programs allow us to share the biodiversity of Ecuador & Peru with the world. Our goal is to establish a responsible form of eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. Because of our involvement with the local communities, we are able to offer special visits to these locations at reasonable prices. We encourage you to visit us and explore the natural and cultural richness of Ecuador.Throughout the years, we have offered incredible experiences to world travelers.

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